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Height: 6'1'' |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown


Dolemite is My Name          |  Supporting    |    Craig Brewer, Netflix

Spinning Wheels             |  Lead              |    Mitch Yapko, Who! Productions

Shots Fired                      |  Lead              |    Mitch Yapko, Who! Productions

Excess Flesh                   |   Supporting   |    Patrick Kennelly, SXSW Festival

A Zombie is a Person...   |   Lead             |    Brett Schlank, ADG Productions

Looking Forward             |   Lead             |   Jason Klamm, Stolen Dress Productions

Always Worthy                |   Supporting   |    Marianna Palka, Newport Film Festival

Basement                       |    Supporting   |    Corey Gates

Tech Support                  |    Lead            |   Mitch Yapko, Who! Productions


People's Movie               |    Lead            |   Joe Yund, The People's Movie


Lyla Wolf: Infractus         |    Supporting   |   Minh Nyguyen

Mime Fight                    |    Supporting    |   Nickolas Miletic            



Veep                               |  Recurring Co-Star |  David Mandel, HBO

The Greatest American  |    Lead              |   Mitch Yapko, StayTunedTV

Hero: TFS

Nosferajew                     |    Lead              |  Mitch Yapko, Who!  Productions

Those Guys                    |     Lead             |   Scott Tomasso, Web Series Channel

Sunset Standup              |    Lead              |  Michael Stahlberg, StayTunedTV

Making a Milk Spiller     |     Lead            |  Mitch Yapko, Who!  Productions


The Bluff                        |   Lead               |   Janna King, Renegade Players 

Power Wow                    |   Lead               |   Guy Stevenson, Groundlings

Boners and Other          |   Lead              |   Janna King, Renegade Players

Stupid Mistakes

Double Date                  |   Lead              |   Alejandro Romero, Renegade Players

Denim on Denim           |   Lead              |  Chick Vennera, Renegade Players 

Autobahn                      |   Lead              |   Allen Williams, Renegade Players

Double Date                 |   Lead              |   Alejandro Romero, Renegade Players

Comedy of Errors          |   Supporting   |  Zumbrota Regional Theater

Tom Sawyer                   |   Supporting   |  Zumbrota Regional Theater

Five Star                       |   Lead              |   Rob Clyde, Squint

Dole Real Freezer Man |   Lead              |   Rob Clyde, Squint


Lesly Kahn                       |   Scene Study         |   Adam Kurson, Tyler Poelle, 

                                                                       Lesly Kahn

Steppenwolf West      |   Scene Study        |   Tom Irwin

Groundlings               |   Improv Study       |   Daniel Robbins, Kevin Berntson

                                                                      Guy Stevenson

Upright Citizens         |   Improv Study        | Mike Leffingwell, Brian Finkelstein,

Brigade                                                                    Will Laughlin, Drew DiFonzo Marks

Renegade Theater         |   Scene Study         |   Chick Vennera 

University of MN        |   Scene Study         |   Brian Goranson 

Digital Dogs              |  Commercial Study |   Robert B Martin Jr

Special Skills

Accents - Middle Class London, German, Minnesotan, Chicago

Improv, Sketch, Drawing, Stand-Up Comedy

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